Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contractor'Rap

Contractor’s Rap is the place for Contractors and Service Provider’s to find thousands of reviews about customers that are a pain to deal with. Members share experiences so you can avoid the same problems they experienced.

Can I share my experiences on Contractor's Rap

Yes! First, you need to sign up. Join for free now.

I've been ripped off. Can you help me recover my money?

Unfortunately not. Contractor’s Rap is an open forum where Contractors and Service Providers share their experiences with each other.  We suggest you protect yourself and others by sharing your experiences. Register now and report an incident so others will not fall into the same trap you did.

When will I get confirmation of my Joining

You will receive a confirmation email.

There's a review on my address. How do I dispute the reviews?

Go to Rebuttal page. Enter the address and fill out the comment section. It will be reviewed in 48 hours adn appropriate action will be taken.

I noticed the one of my good steady customers is listed on an incident. What should I do?

Good job on checking on Contractor’s Rap to make sure you’re not at risk of losing what you have earned. You can post a positive incident report.

I want to report an incident but want to be anonymous. How do I do that?

All incidents are confidential.

Must I report incidents when I join or use Contractor's Rap?

No. But to better serve the Construction and Service Providers Community that you are part of, reporting incidents will only help you and others in the future.